2019 show announcements!

Oh BOY do we have some aweeeesome shows lined up for you! First shows to announce this year(with MANY more to come) 


🎉Friday 15 March - Tour of the Valkyries Night One- Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham 
+ The Loved and Lost, Bled The Fifth & Gallows High 

🎉Saturday 16 March- Tour of the Valkyries Night Two The Boulevard - Wigan. 
+ The Loved and Lost, Fear Me December, Pallas Athena 

🎉 Sunday 17 March- Tour of the Valkyries Night Three- Redrum, Stafford 
+ The Loved and Lost, The Wild Strays, Devil's Playground 

🎉Saturday 4 May- Liverpool Tattoo Convention 

🎉 Saturday 11 May- Meddwlfest: Matriarchy- Creature Sound, Swansea 
+ The Loved and Lost, Poison Crow, Powderhead, Raised by Wolves, 9xDead, Rapture's End and Urfe 

Click onto the events and get your tickets nice and early ;)

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