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Exclusive first airing of 'FEVER SWAMP' on Hard Rock Hell radio 

Want to be the first to hear an exclusive airing of our new track FEVER SWAMP?!💀🐺🌕 

Tune into Hard Rock Hell Radio from 7pm TONIGHT Saturday 22nd September for the HRH Anything Goes Rock Show! Listen to our new track, a hilarious interview with Kitty and her 'inspirational front-person' song requests! 

Don't forget, you can pre-order our upcoming EP right [here] and you'll automatically receive a free download of the track Criminal Mastermind!

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Feature: Ever Metal 

"I'm going to start doing best 'Single/Video of the month' purely on the basis that Novacrow have blown me away with this track and video! Absolutely awesome! The brilliant NOVACROW have released new single 'Criminal Mastermind'. It's the title track from their new EP being released on 16th November!" - Ever Metal 

You cannot get higher praise than that 😍 Enormous gratitude to Ever Metal for sharing our video! Be sure to check out their page! 

Don't forget that you can pre-order the EP [here] ready for release date and you'll get a free instant download of the track 'Criminal Mastermind!'

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Show Announcements! 

👻Sat 29th September- Stand By Me- Sanctuary Bar LIVERPOOL. 

Hosted by Liverpool Horror Club, Totally Tankered, we are honoured to play this amazing free entry spookkkkyyy charity event. There's comedy, burlesque, stalls and more. We're the final act and keep an eye on the event page for more details. 

💀Fri 26th October- Bad Pollyanna and Novacrow at RAW Nightclub. 

We join these magnificent lovelies for some goth week madness. 

👿Sat 17th November- Lesbian Bed Death and Novacrow at The Rigger, Newcastle Under Lyme. 

We join these sexy beasts for their first hometown headline show with their new singer (OOOO THE MYSTERY WILL BE REVEALED FOR ALL) 

[Click here] to find out more!

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"This is a great collection of songs and there’s a number of reasons why you need to buy this EP... These guys can rock...It’s addictive – I promise you after a couple of listens you will have this on loop"  5 Reasons why you NEED Novacrow's new EP. 
-The Moshville Times (EP Review)

"The crowd obeyed like they were hypnotised... 9/10"
-Pagan Hel Live Reviews, Liverpool.

For a band to be achieving such a standard in a little under 18 months is staggering. Give us the rest of the EP already!! 8/10"
Toxic Online (Fight The Horde!!! single review)

 "Pack up your chainsaw and go see them. Fun times and loud stuff guaranteed!"
-Loud Stuff

"Love the sound of this band, if this is a taster of what the band can produce, I do hope there is an album forthcoming somewhere in the near future. A great rocking single showcasing two sides to this band. Both tracks are of a good quality and both are different in flavour and style. Yep, I certainly want to hear more from NOVACROW, a band to watch out for. Go get this single if you can. RECOMMENDED  8.75/10"
- Black Pheonix Rising 

"Novacrow will bring joy to your ears with this new exotic, hard rock EP."
- Loud Light

"Novacrow play a scintillating set mixed with anger and sexuality fronted by the gorgeous Kitty Staunton. These guys like a mistress will have you begging for more."
-Shabhoc Music and Media.

"A firecracker of a performance"
- Music 224

"Novacrow have a very definite idea of the music they want to create and the audience with whom they'd like to share those good times. Highly recommended" 
-Real Gone 

"Addictive sleazy hard rock- 8.5/10"
Ravenheart Music

"Why do people watch crappy talent shows on TV when there are great bands like Novacrow playing live."
- The Mighty Thor Promotions, Birmingham.

"Novacrow have a monster rhythm section, big guitar riffs and a distinctive female singer whose voice is strong enough to pierce through the stellar music."
- Sleaze Roxx 

"What really catches the eye is yet another addition to annals of Rock from the West Midlands, the natural home of the genre, the impressive Kitty Staunton on guitar and vocals, a woman whose stature is only dwarfed by her ability to wield both machines of war with precision and grace."
- Liverpool Sound & Vision, live review.

"Fantastic upcoming Hard Rock/Metal/Sleaze band"
-Music Crowns

-Featured for 7 consecutive weeks on Jammerzine's "Top Ten Picks of the Week."

-'Fight The Horde!!!' selected as Song Of The Month on Split Infinity Radio