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Novacrow added to Girlz Rawk! London Festival line up. 

We have been added to the spectacular line up for Girlz Rawk festival this Sunday in London! 

Catch us alongside Kalidia, Thundermother, Mask of Judas, Bad Pollyanna, Weekend Recovery, Evyltyde, IDestroy, Salvation Jane & Bled The Fifth


2019 show announcements! 

Oh BOY do we have some aweeeesome shows lined up for you! First shows to announce this year(with MANY more to come) 


🎉Friday 15 March - Tour of the Valkyries Night One- Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham 
+ The Loved and Lost, Bled The Fifth & Gallows High 

🎉Saturday 16 March- Tour of the Valkyries Night Two The Boulevard - Wigan. 
+ The Loved and Lost, Fear Me December, Pallas Athena 

🎉 Sunday 17 March- Tour of the Valkyries Night Three- Redrum, Stafford 
+ The Loved and Lost, The Wild Strays, Devil's Playground 

🎉Saturday 4 May- Liverpool Tattoo Convention 

🎉 Saturday 11 May- Meddwlfest: Matriarchy- Creature Sound, Swansea 
+ The Loved and Lost, Poison Crow, Powderhead, Raised by Wolves, 9xDead, Rapture's End and Urfe 

Click onto the events and get your tickets nice and early ;)

1st Printing of 'Criminal Mastermind' SOLD OUT! 

HUGELY excited to announce that the first printing of our new and upcoming EP has already sold out, three days before official release! Huge thank you to everybody who has pre-ordered and don't worry, we have another batch on the way! (Please note, there will be a slight delay in upcoming orders whilst we wait for more to arrive!)

'Criminal Mastermind' Review 

"A little bit of grunge here, a dash of sleaze there, and lashings and lashings of fun. ‘Criminal Mastermind’ features five tracks of pretty bloody decent quality, and varied enough to find a home on anyone’s playlist"

Massive thanks to Devil's Gate media for the awesome and detailed review of our upcoming EP.

[Click here] to read the whole thing