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1st Printing of 'Criminal Mastermind' SOLD OUT! 

HUGELY excited to announce that the first printing of our new and upcoming EP has already sold out, three days before official release! Huge thank you to everybody who has pre-ordered and don't worry, we have another batch on the way! (Please note, there will be a slight delay in upcoming orders whilst we wait for more to arrive!)

'Criminal Mastermind' Review 

"A little bit of grunge here, a dash of sleaze there, and lashings and lashings of fun. ‘Criminal Mastermind’ features five tracks of pretty bloody decent quality, and varied enough to find a home on anyone’s playlist"

Massive thanks to Devil's Gate media for the awesome and detailed review of our upcoming EP.

[Click here] to read the whole thing


😱HERE IT IS!😱 Happy Halloween! 🎃 Check out this BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO for FEVER SWAMP from our upcoming EP! Let us know what you think! 


💀Don't forget to pre-order your copy of 'Criminal Mastermind' out Nov 16th, along with new T-shirts, available from 🐺 Support underground music! 

👻Huge thanks to video director Rusty Apper for his cinematic wizardry. 

🎉OOFT NOT LONG UNTIL WE ARE ON TOUR! Check out our events listings for more information and see you there! ;) 

We have dates with Chasing Dragons, Sick N' Beautiful, Lesbian Bed Death, This Elegant Chaos, THE MÆNSION , Fear Me December, Parson City, Reawaken, Ariandelle, Surrge, The Loved and Lost and more! 

To those who have already pre-ordered or have tickets to any of these upcoming shows, thank you and congratulations for being so awesome! 



NEW VIDEO OUT TOMORROW! Are you ready to enter FEVER SWAMP boys and ghouls?! 

Get hyped and spread the word! 

Don't forget, there is still time to PRE-ORDER our new EP to get it nice and early before release date! Hop over to

EP Review: Small Record 

"Absolutely flowing with personality, Criminal Mastermind serves as a cracking follow-up; being a delightfully dark record from a bunch of folk who are sick and twisted in the best way possible."

Big thank you to Small Music Scene for the fabulous review of our new upcoming EP! Don't forget you can pre-order it right now from our store!

Live Review: Ever Metal 

Beyond lovely review from Ever Metal, thank you SO much!

"These guys were too cool, too good, too funny, too stylish and I think I may be a little bit in love with them. My favourite band of the weekend, and they were only the second to perform on the day. I kind of felt sorry for the next band up, because that was going to be hard to follow."

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Image: PulveriseUK Photography