Live Review: Planet Mosh

"I was expecting an over the top performance from Novacrow and they didn’t disappoint as lead vocalist Kitty Staunton addressed us with “Come closer my little butterflies” as ‘Fight The Horde’ strode in with madcap bassist Federico Spera attempting to behead guitarist Jonyx. ‘The Mantra’ was aptly delivered for our Sunday morning metal service. ‘Criminal Mastermind’ was belted out like a deranged Pink as ‘Fever Swamp’ followed just as insane. A bass heavy cover of ‘Tragedy’ was more magic than tragic and a warning of “Prepare to get smashed in the pelvis with music” preceded final number ‘Far Frog’. Not sure about my pelvis but my ears were smashed as they tore into it. It included the second kazoo solo of the weekend as Federico jumped onto a table near me and leaping off without missing a note."

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