Announcement! Farewell to Torben.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Join us in a fond farewell to Torben, as his time drumming and adventuring with us comes to an end. We wish him all the best for the future! 

"It is with great regret that I must announce my retirement from Novacrow. I have had an amazing, sexual, and frankly all round mega sweet time playing with vocalist and front woman Kitty Staunton, guitarist and supreme farter John Skidmore and bassist extrodinaire who can fire lemons out of his belly button, horizontal musician Federico 'Freddy' Spera. However I must pursue my own interests, such as dislocating my shoulders at inconvenient times, dungeons and dragons and getting into howling fights with street cats. These are my passions, and will always be. 

Thanks for being the Novacrew, and hopefully I'll see you at a gig some time soon! #cawcaw" 

But the Novacrow train will certainly continue to rampage at full speed! Keep your eyes peeled this week for some exciting news!

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