A Brief History of Novacrow

Based in Liverpool and forming late 2013, NOVACROW were drawn together by a mutual thirst to make complete idiots of themselves at any given opportunity. The band consists of, Kitty Staunton on lead vocals and guitar, Federico "Freddy" Spera on bass/backing vocals, Jonyx on guitars/backing vocals and Valerio Pompili on the drums. They promise an energetic and erection-inducing live show, fun for the whole family.

In a blur of headbanging, booty-shaking, pelvic-thrusting mayhem, Novacrow deliver a sleazy heavy sound, with their wide range of influences keeping their music eclectic and exciting. Onstage, they aim to be as entertaining as possible and guarantee* to be better than sex.

The band regularly tours across the UK and have supported a variety of touring artists, including Discharge, Psychostick, Skarlett Riot, and Green Jellÿ. They were one of the few British bands to play Metal Days 2017 in Slovenia and returned in 2018 to play the main stage of their sister festival Winter Days of Metal. On August 31st they played a sold out crowd at Sheffield O2 Academy at Hard Rock Hell's Highway to Hell festival.

To follow up their first release Black Syrup, which received hugely positive feedback [click here to read more], November 2018 has seen the release of their highly anticipated EP 'Criminal Mastermind'. Alongside two new music videos, this latest collection of 5 diverse tracks has been met with high praise and the first printing of CDs sold out through pre-orders alone. 

For physical copies and merchandise, please visit www.novacrofficial.com/store

For Fans Of: The horror influences of Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. The sounds of Alter Bridge, Godsmack and Alice in Chains. The entertaining live shows of Skindred. Female fronted bands with attitude, such as Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, My Ruin and Halestorm.

Bookings and enquiries: novacrowband@gmail.com


*legally not guaranteed, but we are still fairly confident.

The Members

Kitty Staunton:  Vocals/Guitar
Hailing from Wolverhampton, Kitty has been involved in music journalism since age 15 and uploading music videos onto YouTube since 2009, as 'Kitty Synthetica'. She enjoys video games, beer and Stephen King. YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/kittysynthetica + Facebook: www.facebook.com/kittysyntheticauk + Twitter: @kittystaunton + Kitty's Blog: [click here]

Influences: Type O Negative, Alice in Chains, My Ruin, Machine Head, Die So Fluid, White Zombie, Skindred & The Birthday Massacre.
Gear: Shure microphone, Ibanez Xiphos guitar, Ernie Ball Strings, Randall Amplification, Pedals: Randall, Boss, Dunlop, Marshall, Donner, Korg.

Jonyx- Guitars

Standing at 6'4 with his perfectly crafted facial hair and sensual deep voice, Jonyx has been known to make housewives tremble at the knees just by looking at them. He is also in charge of producing the band's artwork and has designed all of the packaging for the single and EP.

Influences: Metallica, Machine Head, John 5, In This Moment, Rammstein.
Gear: ESP LTD F250 Guitar, Ernie Ball strings, Marshall Amplification. Pedals: Boss.


Federico Spera- Bass/Backing Vocals/Production

Italian-born Freddy moved to the UK after living in the US and The Netherlands for several years. Freddy has recorded, produced and mixed the band's current releases. His most impressive features are his shapely belly and the cthulhu tattoo on his butt.

Influences: Strapping Young Lad, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cannibal Corpse and Cynic.
Gear: Warwick Streamer LX Bass, Elixir Strings,Smooth Hound Innovations, Planet Waves, Darkglass Amplification, Pedals: Korg, MXR, Electro-harmonix, Darkglass, Boss, Digitech, Truetone

Valerio Pompili- Drums

The newest addition to the Novacrow team, Valerio, the coffee fuelled wizard. He will beat a thunderous explosion into your heart and soul. "So Crazy"

Influences: Guns N Roses, Queen, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, H.I.M, , R.H.C.P, Blue, Godsmack, Metallica, Slipknot, The Game, Mattafix, Grits.

Gear: Pearl masters custom drums, Zildjan cymbals, Vic firth Drumsticks. Pearl P2000c eliminator double pedal.

Photos: Rusty Apper at Mint Vision


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