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We are THRILLED to announce that we have made it through to the final of Hard Rock Hell's Highway to Hell and will be playing the O2 Academy Sheffield on 31st August, for a legendary night. Big big love to our buddies in Pulverise, who also made it through (super well deserved!) 

We have a LIMITED NUMBER OF FREE TICKETS up for grabs, first come first serve: https://www.hthrocks.com/tickets.html pop the code 'HTHNC' in and it will be a freebie!

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  1. The Mantra

Toxic Online single Review 

A fantastic review of Fight The Horde!!! from Toxic Online:
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"There’s only once place to start with this review of Fight the Horde!!: That. Opening. Riff. Holy moly, what a stunning hook. It’s a blinding piece of guitar work that sets up a true, sleazy hard rock anthem centred around – you guessed it – the zombie apocalypse. Kitty Staunton’s gritty vocals are well complimented by the backing roars of bassist Federico Spera whilst guitarist Jonyx and drummer Torben John Plumstead Schmidt-Hansen keep the song driving forward at all times. The production – also done by Spera – is first class, giving the song a huge sound and they’ve even used radio samples within the song as well to give it more of a sonic punch. For a band to be achieving such a standard in a little under 18 months is staggering. As for ‘The Mantra’, it’s a lot slower in tempo and is more intricate in places, but it still packs a lot of weight behind it and is a nice contrast to the mayhem of Fight the Horde!!. Give us the rest of the EP already!!"


Live Review: Liverpool Sound and Vision  

An amazing review from our zombie-filled show at LIPA's Paul McCartney Auditorium, by Ian D Hall:

"If every song needs a hook in which to guide it to the listener’s emotions then does it follow that every live performance needs something other than the music to really make it memorable? It either depends on how the sound is appreciated, a folk band for example certainly don’t need the extra polish attached their gig, neither does a solo performer serenading with almost perfect ease, and yet in some quarters, what is already rather enjoyable, even tremendous in some places has that little something extra with the visual memento mori attached.

For Novacrow, the aural appreciation is enhanced by the nods to the likes of Alice Cooper, Tankard, Megadeth and even the appearance of the most eligible bachelor in Rock, Iron Maiden’s Eddie T. Head. At one point in the set, Zombies appear on stage and in the middle of the Sir Paul McCartney Auditorium, the same creatures of morbid fascination dance with slavish glee; the band don’t need it but it certainly adds to the attraction.

What really catches the eye is yet another addition to annals of Rock from the West Midlands, the natural home of the genre, the impressive Kitty Staunton on guitar and vocals, a woman whose stature is only dwarfed by her ability to wield both machines of war with precision and grace. The West Midlands has such a long affinity with the genre that it somehow comes as a surprise when someone new from within its borders steals the day’s thoughts.

Remarkably the same confident demeanour could be seen to reflect of that of the Queen of British Blues, Joanne Shaw Taylor at the same sort of age, if this is to be continued then fans of the Midland’s Rock are in for the same treat as they saw Ms. Shaw Taylor grow and progress over the fifteen years.

Novacrow performed admirably, with dedication to the audience’s needs and to the sounds all encompassing future wealth. It was a set of songs that combined to raise the spirits and gladden the heart but all the while punching back hard and swift at a system raised to ignore such talent.

With songs such as White Lies and CigarettesBlack SyrupThe Mantra, the superb Fight The Horde and Fat Frog all raising Hell with charm and guile, Novacrow are a band in which to look out for, a band in which to really relish grasping hold of and making sure they go all the way."

LSRadio Single Review 

A great review of Fight The Horde!!! from Ben at LS Radio:

"With noted band interests including ‘killing zombies’, it’s clear from the off that Liverpool-based four-piece Novacrow don’t take themselves too seriously. This isn’t too say the band treat their music as a joke; on the contrary, their classic style of old-school metal, fronted by female powerhouse Kitty Staunton, has led to them being ascribed the label of ‘orgasmic hard rock’ by at least one online blog. More accurate would be to understand their music as laced with an excitable and likeable aesthetic, revelling in the onslaught rather than trying to obliterate you with it.


Fight The Horde!!!’ is delivered in such a vein. After a spoken word excerpt referencing a highly contagious, unsourced virus, Kitty and co. divulge in an assault of catchy and powerful hard rock. It’s not a style of music which is easily pulled off; indeed, there is many a band which struggles to strike the necessary balance between being entertaining and just absurd. Thankfully, Novacrow straddle the line with ease, uncompromising yet entertaining in equal abundance. ‘There’s no way out’ we are informed towards the back end of the track, though on this evidence, where else would you possibly want to go?"

Check out the full review here: http://lsradio.co.uk/musicblog/2015/03/02/novacrow-fight-the-horde/


"Straight from the get-go these guys brought so much fire. They just went absolutely crazy on the stage."

- Valkyrian Music.

" This band is a sensational live act, they have Kitty who provides glamour, hard rockin’ riffs and a sensual stage presence, contrasted with the tumultuous Freddy who is transformed once onstage from a nice guy into something resembling the Tasmanian Devil from the cartoons, only with a bass in hand! They have dates across the country and some international appearances too for 2018, if you like your live bands to be LIVE, they don’t get much livelier than Novacrow."

-Caught Live

"Novacrow are easily one of the best bands on this scene and they know how to entertain!" "The masters of onstage banter" -Cult of Dan Peach

"Novacrow bring monster riffs, bags of energy and will be craving your attention. No stage can contain them!" 
-50 Below Promotions

"This is a great collection of songs and there’s a number of reasons why you need to buy this EP... These guys can rock...It’s addictive – I promise you after a couple of listens you will have this on loop"  5 Reasons why you NEED Novacrow's new EP. 
-The Moshville Times (EP Review)

"The crowd obeyed like they were hypnotised... 9/10"
-Pagan Hel Live Reviews, Liverpool.

 "Pack up your chainsaw and go see them. Fun times and loud stuff guaranteed!"
-Loud Stuff

"Love the sound of this band... Yep, I certainly want to hear more from NOVACROW, a band to watch out for. Go get this single if you can. RECOMMENDED"8.75/
- Black Pheonix Rising 

"Novacrow will bring joy to your ears with this new exotic, hard rock EP."
- Loud Light

"Novacrow play a scintillating set mixed with anger and sexuality fronted by the gorgeous Kitty Staunton. These guys like a mistress will have you begging for more."
-Shabhoc Music and Media.

"A firecracker of a performance"
- Music 224

"The band bring so much energy and power to this EP and makes for a great record, and certainly leaves you wanting more."
-Thinking Lyrically

"Novacrow have a very definite idea of the music they want to create and the audience with whom they'd like to share those good times. Highly recommended" 
-Real Gone 

"Addictive sleazy hard rock"- 8.5/10
- Ravenheart Music

"With Kitty's riot grrrl vocals leading the charge, Jonyx's riff-firing artillery matched by Torben's thunderous drums and Federico's slap-happy bass meshing together to deliver the 'Black Syrup' EP, utmost respect must be given to this snazzy lot."
-Global Metal Apocalpyse

"Why do people watch crappy talent shows on TV when there are great bands like Novacrow playing live."
- The Mighty Thor Promotions, Birmingham.

"Novacrow have a monster rhythm section, big guitar riffs and a distinctive female singer whose voice is strong enough to pierce through the stellar music."
- Sleaze Roxx 

"What really catches the eye is yet another addition to annals of Rock from the West Midlands, the natural home of the genre, the impressive Kitty Staunton on guitar and vocals, a woman whose stature is only dwarfed by her ability to wield both machines of war with precision and grace."
- Liverpool Sound & Vision, live review.

"Fantastic upcoming Hard Rock/Metal/Sleaze band"
-Music Crowns

-Featured for 7 consecutive weeks on Jammerzine's "Top Ten Picks of the Week."

-'Fight The Horde!!!' selected as Song Of The Month on Split Infinity Radio

-Nominated for BEST UK BREAKTHROUGH BAND, for Global Metal Apocalypse 2016

-Nominated for BEST SINGER, BEST GUITARIST and BEST ARTWORK (Black Syrup) by TBFM Music Industry Awards 2016.