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Latest News:

Novacrow's upcoming show is one of The Birmingham Mail's "Valentine's day top picks." 

Birmingham Mail has mentioned our upcoming gig at the Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton in their "Valentine’s Day guide to what’s on in and around Birmingham for the day of romance"


Check out the event details here: 


Moshville Times Single Review 

Check out this great review of our Single from The Moshville Times:


"I’m going to class this release as a double A-side... as both tracks are equally good. “Fight The Horde!!!” opens with a cracking riff and a pre-recorded bit of radio-esque speech to set the scene then gets dirty, grungy and bouncy as the main song kicks in. This is a rock song you could nod your head, bounce or dance to. Catchy as all hell.

“The Mantra” is a very different song indeed, a slow yet powerful balladic number. Soft, ringing guitars back Kitty’s angst-ridden vocals in the verses with more distortion and backing vocals added for the chorus. Again, a song you’ll find yourself humming after a few listens.

The two tracks cost a pittance on various digital download sites (Amazon, Google Play, Xbox Music, Spotify), so support an up-and-coming act and give them the price of half a pint in exchange for a sliver of their hearts and souls. A bargain, I tell you!"

You can read the full article here:



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Please spread the word!! Every bundle we sell will go towards funding the band and as a sign of our eternal gratitude, we will include a wonderful hand-written thank you note/strange drawing with every bundle purchased!!


Spotify and other stuff too? 

Now we're on Spotify, Amazon mp3, Google Play, and Xbox Music!!

Here's the link to our Spotify page: https://play.spotify.com/album/2uMgtFhb7nZDs8a4141nl8

Amazon mp3: http://www.amazon.com/Fight-Horde-Novacrow/dp/B00Q4MH290/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1416919246&sr=1-1&keywords=Novacrow

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Novacrow_Fight_the_Horde?id=Bsenl7i53i5hhujprmvsezap37y&hl=en

And Xbox Music: http://music.xbox.com/album/novacrow/fight-the-horde/048cab08-0100-11db-89ca-0019b92a3933

Exciting shit! Keep sharing the single, and somebody for the love of god put it up on PirateBay!!



"Novacrow bring monster riffs, bags of energy and will be craving your attention. No stage can contain them!" 
-50 Below Promotions

"This is a great collection of songs and there’s a number of reasons why you need to buy this EP... These guys can rock...It’s addictive – I promise you after a couple of listens you will have this on loop"  5 Reasons why you NEED Novacrow's new EP. 
-The Moshville Times (EP Review)

"The crowd obeyed like they were hypnotised... 9/10"
-Pagan Hel Live Reviews, Liverpool.

 "Pack up your chainsaw and go see them. Fun times and loud stuff guaranteed!"
-Loud Stuff

"Love the sound of this band... Yep, I certainly want to hear more from NOVACROW, a band to watch out for. Go get this single if you can. RECOMMENDED"8.75/
- Black Pheonix Rising 

"Novacrow will bring joy to your ears with this new exotic, hard rock EP."
- Loud Light

"Novacrow play a scintillating set mixed with anger and sexuality fronted by the gorgeous Kitty Staunton. These guys like a mistress will have you begging for more."
-Shabhoc Music and Media.

"A firecracker of a performance"
- Music 224

"The band bring so much energy and power to this EP and makes for a great record, and certainly leaves you wanting more."
-Thinking Lyrically

"Novacrow have a very definite idea of the music they want to create and the audience with whom they'd like to share those good times. Highly recommended" 
-Real Gone 

"Addictive sleazy hard rock"- 8.5/10
- Ravenheart Music

"With Kitty's riot grrrl vocals leading the charge, Jonyx's riff-firing artillery matched by Torben's thunderous drums and Federico's slap-happy bass meshing together to deliver the 'Black Syrup' EP, utmost respect must be given to this snazzy lot."
-Global Metal Apocalpyse

"Why do people watch crappy talent shows on TV when there are great bands like Novacrow playing live."
- The Mighty Thor Promotions, Birmingham.

"Novacrow have a monster rhythm section, big guitar riffs and a distinctive female singer whose voice is strong enough to pierce through the stellar music."
- Sleaze Roxx 

"What really catches the eye is yet another addition to annals of Rock from the West Midlands, the natural home of the genre, the impressive Kitty Staunton on guitar and vocals, a woman whose stature is only dwarfed by her ability to wield both machines of war with precision and grace."
- Liverpool Sound & Vision, live review.

"Fantastic upcoming Hard Rock/Metal/Sleaze band"
-Music Crowns

-Featured for 7 consecutive weeks on Jammerzine's "Top Ten Picks of the Week."

-'Fight The Horde!!!' selected as Song Of The Month on Split Infinity Radio

-Nominated for BEST UK BREAKTHROUGH BAND, for Global Metal Apocalypse 2016

-Nominated for BEST SINGER, BEST GUITARIST and BEST ARTWORK (Black Syrup) by TBFM Music Industry Awards 2016.